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It is a community of shared growth between artist and collectors.




1. Purpose

  • Understanding the perspective of artist Jeon Byeong Sam
  • Collecting his NFT artworks, communicating with members, and spreading their values ​​to the outside world
  • Promoting the growth of artist and collectors together through owned NFTs

2. Membership level and qualifications

  • SuperCollector: A person who owns at least 1 each of the NFT collections of artist Jeon Byeong Sam
  • Collector: A person who owns at least 1 NFT by artist Jeon Byeong Sam
  • Fan : People who wish to collect NFT by artist Jeon Byeong Sam


3. Benefits

  • Fast updates on his latest NFT arts and news
  • Priority and discount on new purchases by membership level
  • Special NFT airdrops by membership level
  • Offline private events
  • Offline VIP Studio Tour Program
  • Collector interaction and networking
  • Considering NFT Art-Fi Tokenomics for continuous value expansion