NFT Minting Form (To be updated right before presale)





[Beginner's Guide]

1. Install Metamask Wallet

2. After converting to Ethereum at the cryptocurrency exchange, Transfer ETH to Metamask

3. Purchase NFTs in the Minting Form on this page


1. How to install Metamask


2. How to buy ETH, MATIC, KLAY on cyptocurrency exchange

Purchase cryptocurrency you want at one of the Korean cryptocurrency exchanges: Upbit (, Bithumb (, and Coinone ( than transfer to Metamask.


3. How to buy NFT 

On this page, connects Metamask wallet. Specify the minting quantity (NFT purchase quantity) and click the 'Purchase' button, click 'OK' button in the Metamask window. Gas Fee occurs during transaction. Purchases are made only if you have an additional gas fee to the NFT price. After waiting for about 2-5 minutes, a message indicating that it has been completed will appear. If the NFT purchase was successful, you can check the NFTs you own by connecting to the metamask at at your Profile page.